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Bought a house. Would like a gas dryer.. I have a 1/2 O.D. Copper L pipe running into building for my propane range approx 20' length. I would like to simply tee into that (near the range), add 20' on the new tee off for a dryer. I would then have the gas company come and hook up a tank (and test everything while they are there).

Going to use all brass flair fittings, propane shut off near dryer...

Just wondering if I'm going to break some code that the gas company would balk at and refuse to fill.


1/2" is only good for 89,000 BTU/Hour at 40 feet. If the dryer and range are less than that, you should be OK. If not, you'll need 5/8" (155 MBH) or 3/4" (220 MBH) incoming to the tee. 2009 IFGC Table 402.4(28).

Note that the use of copper tubing and/or flared fittings may not be approved in your locale. You'll have to check with local Code officials. AND while you're doing that, do find out if homeowners are allowed to perform this type of work in their homes. If so, apply for the required permit and get the inspection. If not, hire a licensed contractor to take out the permit, do the work and get the inspection.


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