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 We just enclosed our two story foyer and created a room upstairs for laundry.  The new upstairs room has a 69 x 56 inch picture window that does not have tempered glass.  The window is only a couple of inches off the floor.  Do we have to replace the glass with tempered glass or could a steel grate be installed over a portion of the window satisify the building codes?  We live in the Atlanta area.

This location and size is considered to be a hazardous location per Section R308.4 of the ICC International Residential Code and would be required to be tempered glazing, safety glazing (like Plexiglass), or have a guard to prevent impact.

You should check with you municipal Building Official to see what code is in force in your area, or whether there re any local amendments that might control this installation.

Most importantly, it's a safety issue that should be addressed so no one gets hurt if they should fall into the glass or strike it moving furniture around.

Be safe!

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