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Would a 1-3/4 thick raised panel door in a standard exterior jamb suffice as a 20 minute fire rated door.  garage into living space.

Hi Ken -

It really depends on how the code reads for the jurisdiction where the residence is located.  The 2009 IRC used in my jurisdiction says this:

"R302.5.1 Opening protection. Openings from a private garage directly into a room used for sleeping purposes shall not be permitted. Other openings between the garage and residence shall be equipped with solid wood doors not less than 1 3/8 inches (35 mm) in thickness, solid or honeycomb core steel doors not less than 1 3/8 inches (35 mm) thick, or 20-minute fire-rated doors."

So it gives you 3 options - a solid wood door, a solid or honeycomb core steel door, or a 20-minute fire door.  In my jurisdiction I think the door you are describing would be fine, but your jurisdiction may be different.

- Lori

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