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Im in NYC. we have a finish basement and there's a vent from outside to the boiler room. The ceiling is covered in mental sheet by the previous home owner and was already there when we bought the house. But we recently added sheetrocks to the cement walls to cover it up so it looks better and tiles on the floor. Is this going to be an issue when we sell the house?


It could be an issue. Many times the disclosure you provide when selling a home asks if you have done any work to the house.  If you answer yes, then they will ask for evidence of any required permits if they are smart. So, you really should contact your local building official to acquire any required permits so the work is inspected so you have some level of protection, and to comply with the law.

The issues that come up usually have to do with the egress, energy compliance, and combustion air.

An alternate means of egress in the form of an egress window, or door to the exterior may be required.

If you finish the space, then you have to comply with the requirements for providing heat and ventilation, which means insulating the walls and running ductwork or hydronic heating to the finished space.

Combustion air must be provided to the appliances that require it an an amount that will support proper combustion and venting.

Most of the other work is cosmetic in nature, like the floor and wall coverings, but you need to be sure that all electrical work and plumbing is installed correctly and inspected for your safety and to avoid issues at resale time. Moisture control is also important to avoid issues caused by dampness like mold and mildew.

Good luck, and enjoy your new finished basement!

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