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I'm building a metal framed workshop 33X42ft. Not a kit. Looking for easiest way to anchor 4X4 vertical posts.  Not confident I can precisely position bolts prior to pour.  On other hand I'm  skeptical of strength of post pour anchoring systems.  What alternatives could work - ie. welding rebar to flat metal plate before the slab pour (that I could latter weld the posts to; or cementing metal posts deeply cement prior to pouring slab (pole barn approach).  aNY THOUGHTS about easiest approach WOULD BE WONDERFULL!

Hi David,  if you are proficient at welding you can weld studs to the underside of either C channel or a steel angles and install that in your concrete around the edge and weld your base frame to that..often times when this is done you can also run one down the middle of the slab to give yourself a continuous ground throughout the building you can attach your machines ground to.  Or you can take pieces of plate and weld studs to them and position them where your posts are going to be and weld the posts to them after the concrete is poured.  I personally don't like to bury steel posts into concrete unless they are heavily galvanized.  They have a tendency to rust out over time.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson...

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