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I've recently had an insidious leak from bathroom plumbing. Upon removing the affected drywall it was noted that the interior pressure treated bottom plate and the exterior OSB/fiberboard had sustained water damage, the fiberboard stained to appx 20" yet does not feel wet or soggy. Clean up was done and the area is open to dry. Is the structural integrity of the bottom plate and the exterior OSB/fiberboard compromised?? Is it prudent to close up the walls without removing or performing extensive remodeling??Help!

Hi Stacey, if the wood in question is dried out and when poked with a knife or a sharp,screwdriver it doesn't appear to be rotten, you are only looking at water stains.  If the leak is fixed and no more water intrusion is taking place you can cover it back up.  Home Depot has a good product called Moldarmor that you can spray on the stained parts to kill any molds that may still be present and help keep any mold from returning.

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