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It was late Oct when I started this project so i didn't give myself allot of time, huh or knowledge.

I live in Iowa and had to replace the east side of my house <<<< siding and door because of being rotted. I had used a foam board on the lower half of the house using the sealing tape on the joints, (upper half still had the original black fiber board on it had it was still sound.)after that I had completed the siding, caulking and painting.
I went to the inside of the house and noticed that underneath the rolled insulation was damp. some body said that I forgot a house wrap. is this correct and if so is there a way to correct this moister problem without taking down my cedar beveled siding.

Hi Bob, house wrap nowadays is popular..felt paper was common back in the day and is still used under siding.  I guess you didn't find any felt paper when you opened up the wall?  Probably  why water was an issue to begin with.  Cedar siding is not the waterproofing, it protects the water proofing.  I can't think of any way to replace the felt paper or wrap underneath without taking the siding off and doing it right.  Sealing the siding may help keep most of the moisture out of the wall but you will need to keep an eye on it over the years to make sure the sealants remain intact and any caulking etc. remains in good condition.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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