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Hi Dan:  I'm building a porch roof.  It's gabled but blends into a flat roof at the front of the house.  I built a 80" long by 48" wide box above the door and am framing the gabled roof on top of that.  I didn't have any problem with the rafters above the box but I can't seen to figure out the formula for making the cuts in the rafters that blend into the flat roof. Any suggestions?  Thank you for your help.

Terry, I don't quite understand the dilemma.  When all else fails, take a 2x4 and butcher whatever you need to butcher to get it to fit somewhere close to what you are doing.  Lay another scrap on the roof and mark your sacrificial board.  If the problem is at the ridge, same exercise.  Use a speed square to check the angle or pitch of the line you've drawn to get what you need for the rest of them.

I suspect you will find that if the ridge cut is 4in12, the bottom cut will be at or close to 12in4.  Hope this helps.

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