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I want to get a new roof on a 1979 great lakes double wide that is in Florida I thought 24 gauge metal because I thought it lasted longer.
I really do not want to re do down the road but know I have some concerns with the trusses after reading a article about the Fleetwood mobile homes of that time period.

The roof on It know is the original with many patches and then Kool sealed with the white electo type sealant. IT is a 1456 Square foot. 26 feet by 54 feet

I am worried that if I do a roof over that rust would spread from the old to the new.

I am currently taking bids and one contractor came back with a roof over for 9800 which I think is higher just because I am in Ohio and I am trying to get this done in Florida.

I want to know What the best type of roof option is for me?
Is there a way to get the floor plans to it so I know what I am dealing with?

Another is currently working on a bid and asked if it was curved or flat at the peak and said they might have to cut wood then suspend it.Maybe to reinforce?

What Is my best economical answer?I am 46 years old and I do not want to be on the roof when I am 66 making repairs

Hi Melinda, you might be able to strip the old roof with pressure treated 1x4 at 16" on center running the long way across your rafters and then attaching your new metal roof to that..that year mobile home doesn't have much of a rafter..I believe its a 2x2 truss..but it is made in such a way that it is self supporting mid span.  By  running the 1x4 stripping you will be spreading the new weight over a broader area..I would screw everything down with two screws at each rafter at each 1x4 and either ring shank nails or screws from the roofing into the 1x4.. Depending on where you are at, you may need a permit for this work which in turn may require an engineer to sign off on the whole assembly..sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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