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My home, Palm Desert, California, was built in 1976 without weep screed. I now have stucco falling off around the soil line from moisture and water damage from sprinklers. I received an estimate to install weep screed plus repair and restucco at base including labor and materials for my home and garage. They will cut approximately 6" x 340 feet @ plate, Lath, scratch and brown coat texture to match existing walls. all windows, doors, and flatwork protected. The total cost, including labor and materials to install weep screed=$5950.00 plus Repair and restucco at base =$2,210.00.
My question is the proposal cost reasonable for installing weep screed and restuccoing? They want a 50% deposit to install weep screed and 50% on completion. Are there any other concerns I need to address with this contractor?
I'm having trouble finding other contractors in my area to get estimates.

Hi Vincent, it sounds a little high to me..but if they are the only game in town there isn't a lot you can do without competitive bids. I am not a big fan of 50% up front money.  If a company is strong enough they can usually float a job until the work is done.  I get too many letters from people who have hired contractors with half the money down and never see them again .  You might check with the state contracting licensing board and verify their credentials and try to get some more bids.  There is a lot of work involved..probably two men eight hours to cut and remove the old stucco.  Two men eight hours to install the screed and two men eight hours to do the lathe work..two men eight hours to do the stucco.  That is 64 man hours, so that could cost close to 4000 dollars just for labor..1500 for materials..throw in overhead and profit and you are right there with the bid.

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