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Hi Glen!  I'm in the process of selling my home, and on the search for the new one in the next county up.  This will be in New Jersey around 20 minutes or so outside of Atlantic City area.  Anyhow, there is one particular house that I fell in love with, but it is a little small in certain areas.  I can over look a lot of things, but I really cannot over look the part of it not having a garage.  I will be leaving a 5 bedroom house, with a garage and all. I can down size some, but just not on that.  Now, we never park cars in ours now, but of course it is the comfort of having it:) I can make it without a 2 car one.  A 1 car one is tight. So a 1 1/2 car garage would really be nice.  What I would like to know, is a ball park figure that I could maybe be looking at if I would go ahead and hire a contractor to put this on as an attached garage?  I would just go with basics.  Probably 2 windows on the side, and a door to exit out the back.  A nice garage door and opener.  I figured that it would be nice to use the siding that would be pulled of the wall it is being attached to and we could use that out front so this will not look like it was added on.  If I buy something a shade or so off, then it could go on the side and the back.  Maybe that would work?  As of now, this just has a pull down steps for the attic.  Therefore, I don't know how it would even be necessary to finish the garage inside. I don't think it would be smart to put a hole through the wall of the house as this could be left alone.  I had a former house which I put an additional pull down steps in my garage to create a second attic.  Perhaps this could be done.  So just a rough idea on something like this would be appreciated so I know if maybe I should get my heart off the idea of liking this house so much.  A nice 1 1/2 car attached garage. Thanks again!

Patty- HI! So the basic cost in your area for this type of structure would be $85 to $110 a sq.ft finished. A 1 1/2 car garage is about 660 sq.ft. Storage space above is not a problem, but does add to the cost per sq. ft.
Now the siding may or may not come off in one piece, so you may not be able to re-use.... What is the material used?
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