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I have a large slab for a patio, would like to close it in and attach to the current roof of the house (current roof needs replacing so all at once, after the construction).  I would like most of the walls to be windows that open for fresh air and one wall windows with a french door.  There would be 3 sides and an outside brick wall of the house, it would need the ceiling close in at the current roof line but am open ceiling otherwise inside.  
Do you have any idea what I should expect to pay per sq. ft to do this?  The patio covered area will be approximate. 40 feet by 28 feet and the house is a single story house built back in 1977.  Also, how do I go about finding out about the contractor and his abilities and reliability.
Thank you for any help

Bill- To put a sq. ft price on this is difficult because there are many factors that need to be evaluated to do so. That being said I will take my best shot and make an educated guess.
The basic, raw structure should not be too much. At 1120 sq. ft the shell cost should be around 10k plus whatever the window and door package is. (This is based on pricing in Portland, OR. Your area may be less depending on where in Texas you are exactly.) Window and door costs can very greatly so there is some homework to do on that. The interior finishes will determine what the final budget number will be. Is there a floor system that will need to go over the slab? Drywall? What kind of trims? Will the building department want you to condition the space with HVAC? All of these questions and more need to be addressed to find a final cost.

To find a contractor is easy. To find a contractor that fits with you, not as easy......
Do you know any one that has had some work done recently that could be recommended? The basic rule of thumb is get 3 estimates- all which include references of people you can call that will tell you the good and the bad. There is Angie's List. I am not sold at all on this service, but some people like it.

I am happy to help further but would need more information.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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