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I have a house build in 1992 Wooden frame and brick veneer. One wall in the corner make noise when windy. What to do and how much it cost?

Hi Zhanna, there could be any number of reasons why your wall makes noise..improper bracing may allow the wall to move when the wind blows and cause a creaking sound.  There may be something in the eave that catches wind and moves around.  Houses, especially wood framed houses, make noises, generally creaking sounds during certain weather conditions.  It may be something that can never be found or fixed.   If you can isolate the location you might be able to drill a hole through a mortar joint into the cavity between the brick and the wood framing and inject some foam insulation that will swell up and possibly dampen any noise issues. You might hire a carpenter to check out the attic in the area of concern and see if there are any missing braces or some other issues that are self evident.  It's difficult to put a price on something that is could be a simple fix involving a few hours of carpenter labor..or if the problem is deeper where it will involve removing the brick and /or removing drywall to look inside the wall to see if there are missing  braces  or improperly installed wall sheathing..this could cost several thousand dollars..sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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