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Hello, Glen.

First of all I'd like to thank you for taking time to review this matter. I build homes for a living and I've always used 9.5mm (.374") thick tempered glass for contemporary railings. I have a client who is concerned about the safety of these railings. ¿What would be the proper thickness of tempered glass railings from a safety standpoint in residential construction? And, ¿is there some kind of building code or safety code that supports that specification? I know there must be in the US. I build in Mexico and here there aren't any serious safety standards. That's why I'm looking elsewhere.

Again, thank you.


Rodrigo- Hola! OK Good question. I always use 1/2" Tempered minimum which is 12.7mm, for most rail applications. I am not sure what you will get in comparable thickness-but shoot for 12.7 mm minimum.
There are some products here called laminated glass that allows for thinner glass profile; however I do not think I would use them for railings.
The basic rule of thumb here is 200 lbs. per sq. inch minimum force before failure. If your glass supplier can offer specs on 9.5mm reaching this standard than it would be acceptable.
Where in Mexico are you building? Would love to see pics.
Please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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