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Dear Sir,

Presently we are constructing a 02 storey building of size 44m X 10m. All around the building, a continuous RCC sloping sunshade has been planned. The RCC sunshade will be emerging from the bottom of the RCC roof beam ( 10mm dia Fe500 steel @ 150mm c/c)

While doing the ground floor roof concreting, we thought to do the sunshade later and we left the dowel bars in the roof beam .i.e 10mm dia Fe500 steel @ 150mm c/c. We have also plans to apply concrete bonding agents in the market for bonding old and new concrete while doing the sunshade later. However, the joint will be in junction of beam and sunshade throughout.

Whether what we have done are right ? we are now going to make the first floor slab also and plan to follow the same. Please advise us whether monolithic casting of roof beam and sunshade are essential ? whether we could go ahead with a concrete joint at beam/sunshade junction with the help of bonding chemicals in market?   



Hi Geoffrey, I've done it both ways.  Depending on how far out your sunshade projects your steel spacing and sizes seem adequate.  I'm assuming you will reinforce the shade itself with a horizontal grid of steel as well.  You will want to seal that joint after the fact with a good urethane caulk to help prevent water from penetrating.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson,

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