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Building Homes or Extensions/Moisture warnings when installing laminate flooring in a pier and beam house


Hello, Mr. Johnson! I am hoping to install a floating laminate wood floor beginning in my kitchen and breakfast nook then flowing it into the family living space adjacent to the kitchen. I have done a bit of research and read many warnings about moisture, so I know putting down a barrier over the house's original wood flooring will be necessary. My house is on pier and beam, so I assume a floating floor would be the best choice for durability and longevity. Most of the moisture warnings I have read also caution against mopping laminate products after installation, so here is my question: would something small like a wet Swiffer pad still be detrimental, or are they cautioning against sloshing a bucket of water on the floor and taking an old-fashioned Cinderella mop to it? I have also read that bamboo is naturally 'decay repellant'. Would a bamboo product be a better choice for a high-traffic, spill-prone area such as the kitchen? Whatever product I choose must be attractive for both areas of the home because of the seamless flow from kitchen to living room, so tile in the kitchen is not an option. Thank you for your time!

Hi Christi, I have laminate in one of my bathrooms right next to the shower and it is ten years old without showing signs of moisture problems.  We use a damp mop and a swifter both to clean it.  Swifter also has products made specifically for laminates that work fine.  I have become a big bamboo proponent  over the last few years and just put bamboo laminate in one of my bedrooms.  The material is hard and wears like iron and comes in a variety of colors.  As long as your plumbing is in good shape and you don't dump a pail of water on it and/or can vacuum up any major spills right away you should be fine.  Follow all manufacturers instructions and take special note of any warning labels regarding excess moisture.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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