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Hi Bruce and thank you for your time!

We have a small 2nd story deck with atrium door on the weather side of our brick home. Wind and rain = wet carpet inside of door. Have tried caulking, added storm door, etc....
Also a very hot area in summer. Heat between storm and atrium door expanded and broke open area under glass on storm door.
Goal: Major in stopping rain inside with minor in heat reduction.
Current option under consideration: roof over 2nd story deck to protect threshold from rain and reduce sunlight on entire door area.
What style roof best meets goals? Will changing current 4x4's to 6x6's and adding 3rd 6x6 from deck floor to new roof in middle of front area plus 2 more on top of new ones at the two front corners be enough support?
Any suggestions most appreciated. Picture attached.
Thank you very much.

Hi jayme, yeah, it looks like you are getting some major sun on that side of the house.  Your first floor entry has the shade from the deck above to protect it from that brutal heat.  Anything you can do to reduce that direct sunlight will help.  Yes a roof would be ideall, a simple gable or hip back into the main roof would look nice, a shed roof would work as well but I don't care for that look personally..a pergola or some other wood feature, a screen enclosure with UV blocking screen would work as well..there are even some roll up awnings available that might work as well..definitely increase the size of your posts if adding  another roof system..basically mimic the lower structure beam sizes and then add your will want to set the height of your beams so that your rafter tails are at the same elevation as the rafter tails of the main roof. Even changing to a reflective color paint will greatly reduce heat absorption.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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