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What exactly is the white wood studs offered by the big box retailers (Home depot, Lowes). How does it compared to SPF, HF, and DF studs. Thanks

Hi Don, most of the white wood studs at the big box stores is spruce or hem-fir, sometimes larch.   But mostly spruce.  It is decent for interior non bearing  or medium bearing applications like partition walls.  It is not recommended for beams or heavy load bearing.  HF is short for hem-fir, or as some call it, piss fir because of the way it is a hemlock..and although structurally a little stronger than spruce, it has a tendency to twist and warp as it dries.  SYP or YP is southern yellow pine, one of the best structural woods..DF is Douglas fir another fine structural lumber species which although rated slightly below SYP has a straighter grain and is, in my opinion, the best wood for building.  But on the East coast DF is hard to come by and more expensive than SYP..on the West coast DF is more available since it grows in Oregon.  Almost all of the pressure treated wood is SYP..

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