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I'm building a log home and am doing most of the work myself. There is a box elder tree down that is about 22in in diameter and 18ft long. While I'm not going to use it for walls because boxelder isn't strong and durable, would it be an ok choice to cut into 2x4s and use it for studs in the walls of interior rooms. I know white pine is used a lot and it is a rather weak pine. Its a good straight log and its easily accessible and I would hate for it to go to waste.

Box elder is in the maple family and you are right it is not a strong wood.  I would not use any ungraded studs in any load bearing wall.  The lowest grade allowed in non bearing walls is "utility."  Unless you are capable of grading the wood you won't have any way of knowing what grade it is. Also, do you have the tools and equipment necessary to size the lumber to standard uniform sizes (3.5" x 1.5")?  If you don't you would have a mess on your hands if the walls turn out not uniform in thickness.  Think about how you would set an interior prehung door if the studs that form the rough opening vary in thickness but the door jam is uniform.

Also, how will you dry the wood to 10% moisture content or less?  You don't want it shrinking substantially after you have installed the wood.

Last, the amount of labor required to saw rough sawn lumber, then dry it, than size it is a lot!  I'd opt for Home Depot or Lowe's.  Good luck.

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