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I have an older singlewide mobile home w/brick foundation. The carport is built on the end of the home larger than the mobile home, in a U shape approx. 15ft on both sides and 15 ft out from the home with a dirt floor. The brick foundation on the home from ground up in the carport is 2ft. I want to enclose the carport to make a living room, the only part open is the end. On both exterior walls of carport is 2ft high of brick also. I don't want to pour a lot of concrete for the floor, and I already have a crawl space underneath the home on one side in the carport. Any suggestions for building a floor that would have to be as high as the floor level of the home?  


Hi Jacque, rule of thumb for beams 4x? is one inch of height per foot of length of span.  In other words a 4x4 spans 4' a 4x6 6 feet etc.  It is similar for joists spaced on 24" centers..a 2x10 will span ten feet ,  2x8 eight feet etc.  Your post/column spacing would be determined by the beam size and span capabilities.  A 2'x2' x12" deep concrete pad will suffice for your column pads.  Or you can buy precast column post pads for this purpose. Your deck is 3/4" plywood preferably tongue and grooved.  If you need to pour a supporting wall footing around the perimeter 12" wide by 8" thick if the wall will support the deck edge.  At least one continuous #4 rebar for reinforcement.  I hope this information helps, sorry it took a while for me to answer, I'm in the middle of remodeling a large cathedral and haven't had a lot of spare time.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson

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