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Our single story house just got a new roof - Certainteed shingles part of the house -  and IB roofing system  (garage and kitchen).  Throughout the process there has been a heavy glue smell in the house.  Is it normal?  We aired it out, thought it was gone, turned on our central air system and the glue smell is back REALLY STRONG. What happened?  What do we do?  Is it toxic?  

Also, IB system on flat roof (looks like PVC) has some bubbles.  Can this affect the longevity of this roof system?   

Thanks,  Gabriel

Hi gabe, chances are pretty good the smell you are experiencing is from the IB system.  It is made of PVC and PVC is notorious for its odor when in a liquid state.  Until it cures it will produce VOC s or volatile organic compounds.  It's possible that your air conditioner is somehow pulling in fresh air from outside and it is somewhere near your IB roofs.  If you have an outside air intake that could be the culprit...the good news is that eventually the smell should dissipate.  As the product cures, the compounds stabilize and stop their emissions.  The IB system does carry a lifetime warranty on residential roofs so if there are any problems with it they will stand behind their product.  As far as bubbles go, they are usually caused by trapped moisture trying to rise to the surface or gases trying to escape.  But unless they are huge and balloon like they should pose no structural threat to the roof membrane.  If they are a concern to you, you can have an IB rep come out and allay your fears.  They seem to be very proactive in supporting their product.   As far as the odor goes, putting some fans around, opening windows, venting the attic space as much as possible will help air the place out.  Placing fans by open windows, blowing out, and running your a/c fan on manual on will help rid your system of the fumes. But it may take several weeks for them to be completely gone.  If they persist beyond that time, again, contacting the IB rep could help.  I hope this info helps, please feel free to write again regarding this or other matters..sincerely Bruce Johnson

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