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I have just built a home gym in my garage.  My home was built in 2001 in Southern CA.  I have about 900 lbs of rubber bumper plates lined up next to a squat rack (about 300 lbs) with some additional items (roughly 300 lbs).  This is all positioned near the water heater.  I have the plates standing up on end in a row like this IIIIIIIII for a total of about 5-6 ft.  Though the weights do move occasionally, I want to count it as "dead load" to be extra safe.  Am in any danger of cracking the garage floor or shifting the foundation of the house or causing any other mayhem?  Do I need to restribute the weights around the garage?    

Thanks, Jay

Hi Jay, a typical garage slab has minimum 2500 psi concrete on similar load bearing if you take the square inches of the weight bearing on the floor and divide that into the weight itself you will get the pounds per square inch you are putting on the floor slab.  900 pounds spread over 5-6 feet shouldn't over stress your slab at all.  Whether or not your slab will ever crack is another matter..concrete's the nature of the beast and very seldom caused by the weight applied to it.  Cracking concrete is generally caused by expansion and contraction of the concrete itself.  So, no you don't have too much weight concentrated in one area, but your slab may crack anyhow due to unrelated and inherent reasons associated with the concrete itself..I hope this info helps, please feel free to write again regarding this or other matters, sincerely, Bruce

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