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We are rebuilding our home after a fire. The home was built in 1956 and had old clapboard siding originally but was covered up with vinyl siding. The vinyl  has been removed and the old clapboards are in great shape, only ugly because they need paint. The house was striped inside down to the 2 X 4's due to the water damage from the fire but the structure itself is in beautiful condition, no sign of water damage to any wood. I want to put chink siding on the  house. Can the chink siding be placed over the clapboards?  If so, should house wrap be used over the clapboards? I don't want to replace all the clapboard siding with sheathing if its not necessary. I understand that longer nails will be necessary to nail the chink through the clapboards to the studs and not just to the clapboards but is there anything else I should know? Thank you for your time!


Sorry for the delay, my email account was inadvertently shut down and I didn't know it until this past Sunday.

The recommended way to place chink siding over clapboard siding depends on the chink siding product you are going to use.  If you are going to use 1x or 2x rough sawn or planed smooth boards you should first apply sheathing over the clapboards then apply the chink siding spaced apart whatever size chink joint you want to achieve.  The space between the boards creates the chink joint.  The recommended sheathing is Zip OSB which has a coating applied in the factory so no felt of house wrap is necessary.  You have to tape all seams with Zip tape.

If you are going to use a molded chink siding that has the chink joint molded into the board at the mill you should add vertical 1x furring strips spaced 16" apart then add foil backed rigid insulation board in the spaces between the furring strips, then add the chink siding.

Nails should be 8d galvanized for the furring strips and siding nails for the siding.  We always use stainless nails for siding applications; galvanized can easily be damaged when nailing risking rust developing over time and bleeding on the surface of the siding making an unsightly mess.  The rigid insulation board should be the highest R rating you can find in a 3/4" board.  Good luck.

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