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QUESTION: Hi I  not sure if you will be able to help me or not. I am trying to do a door that is in concrete. The building is a cinder block building built in 1950-1951. The door needs to push push out to hold more people by code. Right now it only opens by a door handle. So I know I have to cut the frame out and all. But my dad told me he did 2 of these doors before awhile back and he used an adheliety gun. I hope I spelled it righ. He said he used a 2x4 and put it behind the frame and he used the adheliety gun also I don't know how he did it. I didn't understand. That's why I figured maybe you would know what he was talking about. If not maybe you can tell me an easier way. If not I will ask him again. Thanks.

ANSWER: Hi Sean, if the door presently opens out you might just need a panic bar instead of a door handle.  The panic bar mounts on the inside of the door and when people have to exit the building in a hurry they just push against it and it will open.  They can be purchased through any door hardware company and come with installation instructions.  If I am not reading your question properly please write back with further explanation of your problem.  As far as the 2x4 and adheiliety gun I haven't a clue unless your dad is talking about shooting pins through a 2x4 using a Hilty gun.  And then I'm not sure how that could solve your egress issue unless the 2x4 is needed for you to attach the jamb part of the panic bar latch.  Sincerely Bruce E Johnson

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QUESTION: Currently the door cannot push out the door needs to be reversed. If that helps you more. Which means the old frame has to come out and so does the old door. Then a new frame and door would have to be purchased so that it matches up to push out and we would have to buy a panic bar. What you said at the end with the hilty gun I think is what he was talking about. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hi again Sean, okay, then you probably need a hollow metal door frame.  The frame comes with holes drilled and dimple on each jamb side.  Normally concrete sleeve anchors are then drilled and set through those holes.  Tighten the flat screw head of your anchors and that's it.  Of course you need to make sure the door frame is square and plumb.  

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