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What is the best practice for constructing exterior wall on home in central Mississippi with high heat and humidity- very few cold days. I will be using wood siding on some walls and metal siding on other walls.The building will be heated and cooled. My main concerns are protection from moisture, mold,etc related to the heat and humidity.


Sorry for the delay but I was out of town.   Generally, in homes in high humidity zones such as the gulf coast or Florida either no vapor barrier/retarder is recommended or if recommended or required by code the vapor barrier/retarder should be placed on the exterior side of the wall cavity.  Solar driven vapor/rain water can enter the wall from the exterior, come in contact with the cold air conditioned interior side of the wall and condense and wet the insulation, framing and interior wall covering.  

There is considerable difference of opinion on vapor migration and the consequences of such migration and how to prevent problems from condensation.

The first thing I would recommend is to talk to your local code officials to see if there is a code requirement.  If there is no code official contact a nearby county that does have code officials in that county and find out what they require or recommend.  Also, talk to insulation subs to see what they have experienced.

Two other resources that have excellent scientific data are TVA and the University of Illinois Residential Building Research Group.  I don't have phone numbers or web site info but I'm sure you can find them on the internet.  Good luck.

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