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House Layout  
Im looking to add an extra 1000 sq ft onto my house (See attachment)to include a den & garage (640 sq ft) and a separate extension at another part of the house for a 2nd full bath/laundry room (300 sq ft) off the master bedroom. Both of these will be extending in the same direction making my house kinda U shaped so I plan to put in a patio between that area but thats a conversation for another day. I can hang dry wall, install outlets and hang fixtures myself. The little things of finishing the moulding and etc. Based on what I have told you...getting this under roof structurally and subfloor laid, adding vinyl siding to the entire house (it needs to be replaced) and the roof cost for asphault shingles to the entire roof (it needs to be replaced). The ridiculous cost of concrete I thought of doing a carport instead of garage to save money. If there a website to kind of give me an idea what all this would cost? Or can you give me a ballpark figure of what it would cost?  Also see close can I build to my neighbors property line in Tennessee?  Thanks in advance.

Chris, I wish it was easy to give you numbers for this type of thing.  It is not.  If you want a complete number it would be easiest to contact a local contractor who will know local pricing.  Ask him for a short meeting and offer to pay him for his time.  He may be able to offer alternatives, etc.  If you want to contract the roofing and siding separately, you might save some money, the same with planning on doing your own drywall and trim.  The money you save will be minimal and I would recommend just having a competent contractor handle the whole thing.

All property has easements and set backs.  If you are in a city with code inspections this will vary from 5 to 15 feet on the sides, usually 25 feet on the front and 15 on the back.

I hope this helps.  

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