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Mr. Johnson,
I've got a 4x8 sheet of Dow styrofoam "Scoreboard" insulation (one and one-half inches thick), and I need to cut it into smaller pieces.  What's the best way to cut it and get a fairly clean edge?  I have a circular saw with a plywood blade on it, and I also have a Rockwell "versacut" mini circular saw.  Is there a special kind of blade professionals use, or do you just have to use a utility knife with a new blade?
Any advice...suggestions...tremendously appreciated.
Warm regards,

Hi David, the more teeth he better when cutting soft material like that.. A plywood blade is a good start and either saw will work as long as you can get a deep enough cut.  Sawzall  works good too but if you want a clean crisp straight cut a circular saw is probably best.  Set your blade so it just cuts the 1 1/2". Too much blade penetrating through can create friction and may cause some of the foam to melt.  Another method I like is using a large extendable blade utility knife, you know the kind that has the segmented blade you break off as needed.  I extend the blade out a couple inches and run it along a straight edge while keeping the knife at a ninety degree angle to the foam board.  It gives a nice clean cut with no dust! Sincerely Bruce Johnson

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