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I'm building a home on a fairly significant slope. Rather than using stilts/pillars, soil from the upper-side has been plowed lower to create a flat space in the middle for pouring the foundation. So now, there are three levels: 2 sloping and 1 flat.
Concern 1. The "wall" height between the top and middle levels where the soil was removed is probably about 10-12 feet high. It looms behind where the house will be built. Is there a chance of mudslide? Do I need a retaining wall?

Concern 2. The height from the first level to the second level is even higher, but it slopes somewhat steeply. Since the soil of this slope was moved there, Im worried the foundation could slip because the earth is less dense. Do I similarly need a retaining wall between the first and second levels to reinforce the soil where the foundation is located?



I can only answer this generically.  First, you should not build a foundation on fill dirt!  A foundation should be built on natural undisturbed soil.  Second, the bank above the flat house site could slide depending on several factors, such as how much rain it is likely to experience, the composition of the soil, what vegetation will grow on it, etc.  Without knowing these types of information I can't advise concretely but if I had to guess I'd say you need a well designed retainer.  Third, i can almost concretely advise that it you place a foundation on the fill dirt forming the front half of the flat building site it will not support the building and could easily fail and it is almost a sure thing the fill dirt will slide.  My advice would be to hire an engineer qualified to determine the requirements for the foundation construction and design.  Good luck.

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