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I have a 1 story rancher with an unfinished basement(dry) . I would like to insulate the floor joist above the basement under my hardwood floors.
1.What would be the best type of insulation to use to insulate and help reduction of noise?
2.Faced or unfaced?.
3. Is this a wise decision to help insulate and save heat?

Dear Jerry,

Insulation with the highest density will absorb the most sound. For apartments, soundboard is usually installed as infill right up next to the subfloor itself or is put up as full panels over the joists and then covered with sheetrock. Thermal batt insulation is sometimes used as well. In most conditions where both sides of the insulation are similar in temperature and humidity, unfaced batt insulation is used in retrofits. Even when the basement is much colder, a good seal around the facing (toward the warm side) is hard to achieve, and most builders just use the unfaced.  Unless your temperature difference is more than 20 degrees, it is doubtful that the added expense of batt insulation will pay off. It is better to put that money into insulating the outer walls or upgrading the windows.


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