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Hi Bruce,

Sorry ahead of time if this is out of your expertise.

I have a huge pothole in my driveway from all the ice and snow damage, interested to know which materials are mainly used to fix it and trusted brands, particularly if you can recommend some brands that the DOT would use those would be great because those are big brand names and would be trusted on heavily.

Thank you!

Hi George, I'm not sure what you mean by "brands". The material for patching large asphalt driveways is asphalt over rock s-1 or s-3 mix of asphalt 2-3" thick over a compacted base of 3/4 rock..if by "huge" pothole you mean a hole three feet by three feet and six inches deep and you are going to do it by hand and want to do it right for a reasonable cost and you have a big box home improvement store or a good lumber/hardware nearby..and you can rent a small plate compactor you can compact the sub base (bottom of the hole) then put in some stone, compact it well and leave yourself a couple inches to a put some bagged asphalt patch down and compact that as well..a hand tamper will work for compaction but a plate compactor will give a nicer job.  If the sub base soil is soft and damp you can mix some dry cement with it,  compact it then proceed with your base and asphalt..I hope this answers your question..please feel free to write again regarding this or other matters, sincerely, Bruce

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