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Our roofer has closed up our 2 upstairs bedroom leaking skylights.  They are on a slanted roof and are approximately 2ft by 4 ft.(Thank goodness). Now the question is how do we insulate and close it from the inside? The ceiling is stippled paint.
Thank you

Frame in skylight
Frame in skylight  
Hi Doris, it's fairly simple.  You run a couple of 2x4 studs across the opening, holding them up 5/8" above the existing ceiling.  If you build it like a little stud wall with a top and bottom plate and lift it up in place you can nail or screw the top and bottom plates to the side of the skylight opening.  Then you insulate above the studs with R-19 fiberglass insulation and then screw a piece of drywall to the wood frame tape and texture to match. I made a simple sketch of the side view.  A good drywall man can finish it and texture to match and you won't even know it's there.  Some of this work can be done yourself and if you know how to tape drywall you can buy aerosol cans with texture spray to treat the area yourself.

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