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I have an entry door that has no protection from the elements so I was considering a small gable roof.  I have vinyl siding and am looking to have the roof/awning extend maybe 2-3 feet out.  Is this a DIY project?  I have no plans to follow but it doesn't seem like it should be too complicated.  Thank you for your input.

Hi Gregory, it's a little more complicated than it might seem unless you have decent carpentry skills and a grasp of how to flash a roof tying into a wall.  Especially if you are wanting a gable roof.  You will need to know how to measure, cut and frame rafters.  Also, depending on what kind of wall structure you have on the existing house you will probably need a couple external posts on footings to support beams on either side to support the roof.  If your existing wall is substantial enough, i.e. masonry or 2x6 framing you might get by with a knee brace on each side to support the roof but you will need a good solid attachment of the brace to the wall to keep the weight at the outermost edge from trying to pull the brace off the wall. You will also need to attach ledger boards to the wall in the form of rafters.  The better these are attached  the less chance of the roof pulling away.  1/4" lag bolts bolting the rafters to the wall studs or masonry should work ok.

Then comes the flashing.  You will need to remove enough siding to get your structure built and attached to the wall..then you will need to install roofing and then flashing before reinstalling the the siding. I hope this information helps, feel free to write again regarding this or other matters.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson

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