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Cracked paint in ceiling
Cracked paint in ceili  
Hello, we are in the second floor of a condominium. My neighbor's layout upstairs is exact same as ours. There was a water leak from the upstairs condo into our living room ceiling near the balcony sliding doors because he had a water leaking from his portable a/c's condensation line. We had our ceiling repainted about a year ago after the water leak happened, there was a water stain and paint bubble from the water so had to repaint. Now a few feet over to the left from where the water stain was, the ceiling paint is cracked (seen in picture). My question is could this be related to the water leak or just a bad paint job or what is the reason? and how do we fix this? I am not sure if it is getting worse/bigger or not.

Hi Amy, it looks like you have a corner that ties into the ceiling near the crack.  This could be causing  a stress crack or an expansion crack.  If there is no evidence of water intrusion you can probably scrape the loose stuff away and remove that old drywall tape or cut it out and replace it with fiberglass mesh drywall tape.  It will allow this area to move a little bit without cracking . If you or someone you know can do a simple drywall patch..that would be the way to do it.  You can even buy little drywall patch kits that have the fiberglass tape, a little tub of patching compound, a plastic putty knife and a little piece of sand paper to sand the patch smooth.  If the ceiling has popcorn texture or an orange peel finish you can buy a spray for that as well.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson

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