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My wife and I purchased a mobile home in Nov. 2013. The house had an odor that we thought would go away after opening the windows and letting some fresh air in. The house had been fully textured (walls and ceilings) throughout 6 months before we moved in. It was locked up until  we purchased it. after pulling out all the carpeting and painting some of the walls in the worst smelling rooms, we still have the odor---not as bad as it was before the carpet was removed but, it's still there. Painters told me that some of these texture companies use old texture left over from another job and it sometimes spoils. should we or better yet can we get some type of analysis of the smell from a company to find out if it's dangerous to our health?  and what can we do to stop this smell from coming from the walls...would a good paint such as Kilz ...or would a lacquer  based paint cover the smell and seal it once and for all?...
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Hi EJ, without smelling it, it would be hard to say what is causing the smell..old drywall mud has a sour smell.  And yes it is nasty but usually dissipates after a given time.  And Yes Kilz would be my first recommendation to seal the walls..then a couple coats of paint..

That being said, there are tons of reasons mobile home smell..most of the products used in mobile home manufacturing emit fumes..and the older the unit the more fumes mainly because there have been laws passed decreasing these noxious chemicals over the years.  It's called "off gassing".  A common off gas is formaldehyde.  If you have a lot of new carpet this could be a source of fumes..and if you have a rotten egg or sulphur smell you may have Chinese drywall which has been proven to be caustic.  

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