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Hello Mr. Johnson,

We live in a 2-story brick veneer home, built in 2005.  When it is windy, we often hear what sounds like bricks rattling against each other in several spots throughout the home.  There are no obvious exterior defects.  Occasionally we can actually reproduce the sound by pushing out on the interior side of the wall.  

It has been suggested to us that the builders might not have used enough brick ties/anchors during construction.  Do you have any thoughts?  And if this seems like a possibility, what do you think about the helical wall ties that can be used to retrofit brick ties?

I appreciate any thoughts you might have - the loudest spot is (of course) outside the master bedroom!

Thank you

Hi BJan,  I'm not sure how bricks can rattle against each other.  They are locked into place with mortar so they don't have a lot of give.  However if you have wood frame walls, they can move.  But again I'm not sure how a rattle can occur.  A rattle implies something small and loose getting enough energy to move back and forth at a fairly quick pace.  I don't see a brick wall moving back and forth fast enough to cause a rattle.  Now it's possible that there is something else causing the rattle, something in your exterior soffit that moves when wind hits the eave vents.  

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