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I have left over wet pressure treated wood 2x4's....I would like to use them in my attic as collar ties to strengthen the roof live in penna....snow, etc.

if I use the wet wood will expansion and contraction cause problems in the roof as the wood dries, and cause damage.  using 3.5 inch nails...three per side in a triangle pattern per angle cut to roof slope per internet....

or should I let the wood dry out really well.????

Hi bob, if it's sopping wet I'd let it dry out a bit but it doesn't have to be bone dry.  A little moisture will help keep it from splitting when you drive nails into it.  If you are just adding collar ties to an existing roof system that has survived for several years without them what's the hurry? If you stack the wood with spacers between it will dry out pretty quickly.  Do it in a week or two.  If you absolutely have to so it right now? Go ahead.

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