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Building Homes or Extensions/Concrete driveway over existing paving bricks?


The interlocking paving bricks in my driveway have sunk about a half inch, and there are four deep ruts from vehicles. It is also very faded and weeds are coming up. I would like to get a concrete walkway around the side of the house. Can I also get the driveway covered as it is, or do the pavers have to be pulled? Also, would those new driveway coatings be a better or cheaper option? Thanks!

Hi Bud, you should either have the pavers pulled up and the base ( if there is a rock  base) regraded and compacted and then the pavers reinstalled.  Or you can pull up the pavers, compact the sub grade and pour a concrete drive.  After that you can do some kind of coating bulminite, epoxy, paint..but I'm not a big fan of driveway coatings.  Personally I wouldn't  pour a concrete slab on top of the messed up pavers, you aren't fixing the problem.  The  main problems is that the original base was never done properly.  You will need to fix that before you put something back on top of it.  If there isn't any crushed rock base or coarse sand base then you may need to add 4-6" of base material after compacting the dirt, and then compacting the new base before installing the new pavers.  If you go back with concrete driveway, and depending on the soil conditions you may get by with just compacting the sub grade after bringing it to grade and then pouring your driveway concrete on top of that.

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