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Structural details
Structural details  

I have made papercrete blocks of 4 sizes
Dimensions of block A ( L *B * H) = 22*23*11
Dimensions of block B (L * B* H) = 8.5*23*11
Dimensions of block C (L * B* H) = 22*11*11
Dimensions of Block D(L * B* H) = 17*23*11
The span is approx 1 m 50 cm and height is 1 m 80 cm. Do i need foundation for this wall. The images have been sent. The image containing Block a, b .c and d does not contain beam and slab which were decide to be provided later on. Can i construct the wall without any foundation or I need to create foundation. If i need to create foundation then pls provide any cheap technique

I am not very familiar with this product, but after a bit of research my advise would be that some sort of foundation may be required- and by the looks of it 4 inches of compacted stone/gravel may be the easiest and most cost effective.


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