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I hope my question is not too involved. If it is or requires too much of your time I understand.

I have a 24x24 shed that I want to finish and use as a free standing room/mini house. My question is if I did all the work myself how much would I look to spend just to complete the interior.

The shed is on a slab with a slab patio. I have already done all electrical work. I am unsure if I will put a kitchenette and small bath.


The cost question in part depends on whether you plan to require water and waste facilities in the building.  A normal house would be connected to a water line (underground) and have some method of heating the water.  Waste water from a sink (called graywater) or from a toilet (called sewage) would need to be dealt with, and depending on how you accomplish this, the cost could really vary.

The water and waste aside, installing finishes such as drywall, flooring, paint, cabinets, etc. will cost you about $$25 to $50 per square foot, if you do all the work yourself.  If you hire skilled labor, then double those numbers.  

If you can send some pictures (inside and out) and let me know what state and area you live in, I can probably give you more accurate information.

Steve Major

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