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My son is buying a home. The inspection report found excess moisture in several places and evidence of termites in other places.  He recommended a structural engineer check it out.  Can they determine rotted ceiling beams or slow leaking pipes behind walls that are covered or must they rip off the ceiling  / wall covering to know?  the owner won't want it opened up iI'm sure and we don't want to buy something that's about to collapse.  thank you. Pat    PS:  what approx is cost of a struc. Engineer?

Pat- Ok...If there was plumbing leaking than there would be constant evidence. Water marks fresh, dripping ceiling can smell it. Rank water. Then mold. Nuttin worse. To find evidence of leaking it may require opening walls/ceilings. Chances are that the building is not about to collapse but your concerns are not unwarranted. If there is documented proof of termites than the present owner should be willing to have an engineer have a look behind the walls, etc. A structural engineer site visit and report may run $500 to $700.
I hope this helps and please feel free to contact me for any reason.

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