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Hi Bruce, I recently read a post you answered pertaining to a customer wanting to install a saferack in a two story home with the ceiling has a drywall drop under a concrete ceiling. I'm currently in the same predicament as the other person whom asked you but im aware of the metal joists and furring strips. My question is since the concrete ceiling is approx two feet above the drop drywall ceiling, what anchors should I use on the joists? I was told anchor wedges, but I know they're just for concrete. Please help. Thank you

Hi Amgad, if you feel comfortable that the ceiling joists are properly hung from the concrete deck above then I would suggest 3/8" lag bolts long enough to penetrate into the ceiling joist 2" minimum if the joists are 2x wood.  if the joists are light gauge metal you may need to go all the way up to the concrete deck with a wedge anchor made for 1/4" all thread.   Install he anchor and thread the all thread into the anchor.  Make sure you have enough length on your all thread to allow for attachment to your rack.  This will require some drywall work to open a big enough hole to do the all thread install.  Then the holes will need to be repaired.  I don't know how many connection points your rack requires or what size the rack holes are, so you may need to adjust your bolt sizes so they fit through the rack holes.  Sincerely Bruce Johnson  

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