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I have some knowledge of electrical work but I am confused about an issue. I had a new electrical panel installed in my house by an electrician about 2 years ago. I recently decided to work out of my garage and I need to put heat in there. I have an electric heater I want to install that says 220 on the box. On the new electric panel it has a double 30amp circuit breaker that is label garage. The old circuit breaker going to the garage was a 15amp. There is a small circuit breaker box in the garage that was there when I bought it. It has 15amp breakers. It has electric wires in it that says 14G. Is 14 gauge wire ok to use with a double 30 amp circuit breaker. I have an electric heater I want to install that says 220 on the box.

You cannot use a 30 amp or double 30 amp breaker with 14 gauge wire. It may overheat the wire especially if it is run a long distance. Look at the instructions on the heater to see if it requires a 30 or 20 amp circuit breaker. Both circuit breakers have to be a double one in order to run a 220v heater. If it is a 30amp, then you need to run a 10 gauge wire with a ground. A 20amp will require 12 gauge wire with a ground. Then you connect the black wire to one contact on the double circuit breaker and the white to the other contact. Take red tape and put it around the white wire to let anyone know the white wire is being used as a Hot wire along with the black wire. In 110v circuits, the white wire the the neutral wire. Then connect the ground wire to the circuit panel where you see the other ground wire connected to. The ground wire is the one with no coating or bare. Then you have to buy a small electric box, the kind you see outside the house that connects central air conditioner units. The line from the circuit panel will connected to the small circuit breaker box and from there, connect the heater to the box.

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