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QUESTION: I am working with a contract. I need to know the rules for taking Quantities of plaster, paint, or wall tiles from an existing building and also from drawing for a new building to construct. How to take it? Please help me Sir.

ANSWER: Sorry, but I don't understand your question.  Are you asking how to calculate the quantities needed of each product such as plaster, paint, wall tiles?  Or, are you asking if there are regulations concerning removing products from an existing building?

Secondly, are you asking what regulations or required construction drawings are needed before starting actual construction?

Follow up with clarifications to your questions and I'll try to help.

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QUESTION: how to calculate the quantities needed of each product such as plaster, paint, wall tiles from an existing building and also from Engineering drawing for a building to construct ?  At the calculation time how to deduct the openings or doors, windows from the taken quantities.?

For quantities:  measure each wall in each room, height and width and each ceiling; then add all rooms that will receive the same product (all painted added together, all plastered added together, all tiled added together) and ceilings together for the total square feet.  For example, if you had 1 bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen/dining area you would measure the four walls in the bedroom, bathroom, the three walls in the living room, and kitchen/dining area and all ceilings.

Then measure the openings in the walls; usually, a house only has two or three sizes of windows or doors so you can just measure the one door and one window and multiple those measurements by the number of all doors and windows; add all the openings for the total square feet.

Then subtract the total openings from the total square feet to get the net surface to be painted, plastered or tiled.

Then you need to read the labels for each product that you are going to use where the manufacturer will state the coverage rate for the product such as 300 square feet per gallon on first coat of paint, 500 square feet per gallon second coat.

Then divide the total square feet by the coverage rate to get the quantity required for each product.

To do the calculations from drawings it's very easy because the drawings have all the measurements on them.

Almost every packaged product such as paint, grout, etc. state on the package what the coverage rates are.  Additionally, you can find estimating tools on the internet for almost any product that is not packaged such as bricks, plywood, shingles, etc. Just google "estimating tools for residential construction products" and that doesn't give every product you plan on using search specifically for the product like "how to estimate the quantity of concrete needed to lay a patio or driveway or sidewalk."  

Good luck.

Len Kroll

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