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front porch
front porch  

front of house
front of house  
Hi Stephen,

I was wondering if you could help us with an exterior paint color decision.  I painted my parents house and am in the final days.  We are at a stand still on the final added touches for paint.  We painted the siding a light grayish blue: Cloudy Sky from Benjamin Moore.  We painted the window/ door frames and fascia/ soffit a brown called Mink from Benjamin Moore.  We chose a cream called Natural Wicker from Benjamin Moore for the windows.  And finally a dark blue called Vermont Slate for the shutters.

We all agree on those.  But we are having trouble with the porch in front of the door.  Right now the posts are Mink(brown), with the Natural Wicker(cream) in the middle.  And the Vermont Slate(dark blue) on a triangle section of the porch.

My parents love the porch how it is.  But I think it had far too much going on and looks rather clownish.  My sister and I would prefer to have the entire porch just the Mink(brown).  Maybe leave the middle/ top of porch Natural Wicker(cream) like it is now.  Or do it all brown.  I would rather play it safe because we are putting the house on the market in the spring. The house is in Chicago.  

Another option I was thinking about was to do the porch all brown and do either the outside storm door or front door the dark blue Vermont Slate.  So that the shutters have something to compliment it.

Thank you for your help. I left a couple pics attached.

porch paint
porch paint  

Because the gable (triangle) is actually considered an exterior wall plane, it should be treated just like the rest of the house.  The trim (facia, frieze) should match the house trim color (Mink) and the center of the gable should be likened to the siding and should be light blue (Cloudy Sky).  The outer door could be dark blue like the shutters (Slate) or left as cream.  

See attached sketch.

Best of luck,
Steve Major  

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