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QUESTION: "I am in Southern Georgia ( 5 inch frost line)and have a 26x56 foot manufactured mobile home. I would like to build a 14x 56 covered deck on the back of it. My question is, can I attach the deck to the building if I put a cement block foundation under the whole perimeter of the mobile home? If not , how would I attach it?
I have a 24" overhang on the back roof.

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ANSWER: I need to know if there is a concrete slab that you are going to put the deck over or is it ground?

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QUESTION: The deck posts will be in concrete footings.

ANSWER: Ok...well my father lived in a mobile home park in Phoenix and he and I put a deck on his mobile home.  What I did is put a double 2x4" under the home and used four inch screws. I screwed one of the 2x4's underneath the home where the top of the skirting would be.   The wide part of the 2x4" against what would be the other side of the home's interior floor. There should be a 2x2 or  2x3  running along the floors inside the interior/exterior walls. The reason I didn't use a 4x4" because it is easier and more secure to attach a 2x4 to the home first & then attach a second 2x4 the the one that is screwed unto the mobile home. After that just attach the 2x8" deck plate or whatever size you are going to use, to the double 2x4". You can use anchor bolts, which are normally used when attaching a deck to a house.  But since you are putting the support posts in concrete and into the ground and assuming the height of the deck is 24" to 30" high, deck screws will work just fine

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QUESTION: The covered deck will be 36" from the ground.The mobile home has 2x8's
above the skirting.Why use 2x4's and not just  2x8 deck plate? Also, it will be a covered deck.How is the roof line attached?

You can attach the 2x8 directly to the mobile home since you are only going 3' high and sinking the posts into concrete.
The reason I attached the double 2x4's at the bottom and underneath the mobile home is for a more secure 2x8 deck plate & deck. You are attaching the 2x8 deck plate to the equivalent size of a 4x4 instead of the 2x3 bottom wall plate or studs that are in the majority of walls in mobile homes. If a couple of the support posts settle or sink a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch over the years, the chances of the deck separating or leaning a little are greatly reduced.  

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