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Hi Russell : I own an old house. there is aluminum siding, I want to up the value of my house. I want to install cedar shingles over the aluminum siding, not tearing of the siding? is this possible? Also there are old wood shingles under the aluminum siding. thank you

You cannot install cedar over aluminum siding. You will have to tear it off. But you can install new cedar over the existing old wood siding. Use type 30 felt underlayment and nail it to the old wood siding. Roofing nails work well for that. The only issue you may run into is... most times no matter what kind of siding you use...when you install new siding over old siding, you need to install additional window and door trim to ensure that the product lies flush with windows and doors. So I would check that before you start. Sometimes this additional trim requirement makes it less expensive to tear off the old siding and start from scratch. There is bright side to the extra work of tearing off the old aluminum siding... you would be surprised at what you can get for torn off aluminum siding at a metal recycling place. I use to let anyone who wanted it, have it, just to haul it away. The last home I did where we tore of aluminum siding that was installed the 70's...I found out the guy who hauled it away got $447 dollars for it.

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