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Hi diane: I own an old house. there is aluminum siding, I want to up the value of my house. I want to install cedar shingles over the aluminum siding, not tearing of the siding? is this possible? Also there are old wood shingles under the aluminum siding. thank you

Hello, Jerome.
My answer is based on the key phrase in your question: you want to up the value of your home. Whether it's for your personal peace of mind, or resale, I recommend that you remove ALL existing siding before you install new siding. Here are several reasons:

My main reason for this recommendation is: You don't know how the aluminum siding was installed. There could be serious problems with the original siding that need to be addressed. I ran into this with a client a couple of years ago, with a 1900 farmhouse. Previous owners had installed aluminum siding over existing wood lap siding. The installation of the new siding was done very poorly, and the contractor ran into many problems. Ultimately, the homeowner chose to have the contractor remove all existing siding and install cementious lap siding. The results were excellent!

The second reason is: You probably won't get a qualified professional contractor who'll agree to install new siding over shingles and aluminum siding. If you do find a contractor who says he can and will install wood shingles over the two existing layers of siding, protect yourself by following these steps: 1. Check the status of the contractor's license, how long he's been in business, and any previous claims made against him. 2. Get a written estimate and contract, including all labor and materials, what he'll do, and how long it will take. 3. Get a written warranty for problems arising from defective labor or materials.

The third reason is: If a new layer of wood shingles are installed over the existing aluminum and original wood shingles, it may cause a problem with all of the exterior trim not being deep enough, which could affect how the trim functions and looks over the coming years.

The fourth reason is: Removing all existing siding before installing new siding gives you an opportunity to improve your home's energy efficiency (insulation and moisture barrier), seismic stability (shear wall panels), personal comfort and peace of mind.

The last reason is: New shingles over the existing siding can devalue your home instead of increasing the value, especially if you try to sell your home.

Wishing you the best of luck as you move forward with this project.


Diane Plesset, CMKBD, C.A.P.S., NCIDQ
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