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Good day
Good day
What are the main difference with reference to constructing a small commercial building vs a residential building?
If one is interested in learning to build small commercial buildings what are good practical books and resources to study?

Hi Sam. Tabego huh? Ha! I actually have a bit of exp building on islands. And the one thing that always bit me in the ass was .......island time....... It is way different than mainland time as I am sure you are aware.......That being said, the basic differences in building are these: Commercial is a faster build and the "rule books" are vastly different. The safety and usability for the public is a major focus. Small commercial (under 10,000 sq.ft.) is basic and easy. It is fast and fun. Or at least it should be! There are many things to build or existing building being the primary concern. Are you a budding new developer or just want to build a commercial building for yourself to work from?
This is a great question and if you can tell me a bit more about what you are thinking I can head you in the right direction.

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