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Good day
Good day
What are the main difference with reference to constructing a small commercial building vs a residential building?
If one is interested in learning to build small commercial buildings what are good practical books and resources to study?

Hi Sam, gee, I learned pretty much everything I know from working in the business of so many years.  If I had one book to recommend that covers pretty much everything from commercial to residential construction is the "Architectual Graphic Standards", this book has a pictorial detail for every kind of construction genre and building materials.  

Building Homes or Extensions

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I can answer any construction related question in regards to carpentry, concrete, drywall, masonry, structural elements of any type of building, residential or commercial. Interior or exterior.


Custom Commercial and residential buildings. Churches, theaters, schools and auditoriums. Most recently I am working with the Catholic Church on several design build committees. I have a website related to scheduling and project supervision. Although my expertise is more related to multimillion dollar commercial, educational and theatrical projects my generous credentials in residential and remodelling construction make me a viable source of information regarding all forms of building questions.

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