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Good day
Good day
What are the main difference with reference to constructing a small commercial building vs a residential building?
If one is interested in learning to build small commercial buildings what are good practical books and resources to study?

The differences would be in building codes. Commercial building codes are a lot stricter than residential. Most cities require handicapped facilities for size of doorway's washrooms and access getting in and out of a commercial building. Most commercial building will require a fire sprinkler system. Most will have a flat roof which means the roof supports have to be strong enough to handle the weight of snow in winter. We have  Menard's store in my area, which is like Home Depot. They sell books on building just about everything in their stores.  If you don't have a Menard's store in your city you should be able to order it from Menard's online web site. Amazon & other sites sell architectural software programs where you can design your own house or building. They are not that easy to use, though.

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